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Stretcher Plate (18 Gauge)
    Stretcher Plate (18 Gauge)
    Purchase Stretcher Plate (18 Gauge)
    • Stretcher Plate (18 Gauge)

      T304 Stainless #4 Polish
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    Stainless Steel Gurney and Stretcher Protection Plates: Stretcher Plates are a hygienic surface used in hospitals to protect the door during patient transport from moving beds, gurneys and equipment between wards and other functional rooms. Stretcher plates can mounted at the center line of the lock to the center line of the plate. The plates can specially punched at out shop for the lock hole. SSTL Stretcher Plates can be used as a protection plate surface for hand traffic as an easily maintained stainless steel surface.

    Size Range: 5" to 21" Height, 18" to 48" Length. The Grain Direction of the #4 Polished Stainless Runs the Length of the Stretcher Plates. 

    Our SSTL Stretcher Plates #4 Brushed Satin Polish matches US32D Door Hardware Finishes.

    The correct fit for your Stretcher Plate should be 2" shorter than the width of your door, which gives one inch allowance on each side. That way it clears your door trim and any weather-stripping. If your Door is 36" the correct size to order is a 34" long Stretcher Plate.

    Stretcher Plates can be mounted below the lock set or mounted under the lock set at the center line of the lock and or door handle aligned to the center of the plate. For this application the customer supplies their dimensions to us and we custom fabricate the hole to fit the lock set.

    Since WE ARE the MANUFACTURER every little detail matters to us. Unlike Stainless Steel Door Stretcher Plate "suppliers", "distributors" and "reseller Brokers"  who drop ship to you "From the Manufacturer", WE ship it right from our own shop where we actually make your Kick Plates. With us there are no delays or waiting on third party Broker sellers to fit you on their multiple manufactures schedules. As the MANUFACTURER We have complete control from material procurement, quality control stops at every operation, packaging and shipping.

    Our 18 ga. Stainless is .050 3/64" Thick, and is procured by us directly as Prime Coil Stock from the Mill in the USA.

    Western Fabricating's line of Stainless Steel Stretcher Plates have a #4 Polished Brushed Finish that is super easily maintained and will keep it's beautiful finish for many years. 16 gauge stainless T304 protects against scuffs, dents, abrasions and scratches and is also corrosion resistant. We can also supply T316 Alloy Stainless for corrosive potential environments such as laboratories. 

    Stainless Steel Stretcher Plates can be mounted by our Stainless Truss Head Screws, Counter Sunk Holes w Flat Head Stainless screws, factory applied 3M Permanent Two Sided Tape, or Magnetic Sheet factory applied on the back of the Stainless Steel which covers the entire back surface of the Stretcher  Plate. Our special Factory Applied Magnetic backing covers the entire Stretcher Plate stainless and can be mounted to and removed on steel doors. Our Stretcher Plates can also be glued directly on your door (for that We Recommend LOCTITE PL MAX PREMIUM Adhesive). Tamper Resistant Screws are also available. 

    If you order your Stretcher Plates with mounting holes the package(s) will contain the correct quantity of SSTL Screw fasteners required to mount. We also include a couple of extra screws just in case. Screw options are listed on each product page as either a Truss Head Philips Head or a Truss Head Security Screw and will be 3/16" Pre Drilled Clear Holes. For Counter Sunk Mount options we countersink the holes in each Protection Plate in our shop; and also include Stainless Steel Flat Head Screws that will mount flush in either a Flat Head Philips or a Flat Head Security Screw. 

    Every one of our Door Stretcher Plates are fully Deburred for Smooth Edges. Other extra Options we provide include Rounded Corners and 45 degree Beveled Edges.

    Our packaging and crating is engineered and built to arrive intact without product damage. Additionally all of our Material Ships with a Protective Vinyl that is removed after installation

    *All of our mounting options are suitable for interior or exterior applications.


    Orders Ship Within 24 Hours

    Install Is Easy!!!

    Our Stainless, Brass and Bronze Kick Plates can be mounted by our included Matching Truss Head Screws, Counter Sunk Holes w Flat Head Stainless screws, factory applied 3M Permanent Two Sided Tape, or Magnetic Sheet factory applied on the back surface of which covers the entire back surface of the Kick Plate.

    High Quality Door Kick Plates
    Stainless Steel, Brass and Bronze