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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of Material is fabricated at

A. 16 ga. and 18 gauge Type 304 Alloy Stainless Steel #4 Polished Brushed Finish. We also offer at a Premium 16 gauge or 18 gauge in a #8 Mirror Polish T304 and T316 Alloy. We Purchase from Prime Grade Coil direct from USA Mill.

Q. What is the lead time to ship?

A. Most Orders ship within 24 hours. Transit time from our SW Florida manufacturing plant is typically 1-4 days in USA and 5 days approximately to California and the Pacific States.

Q. What Size Kick Plate Should I Order?

A. The correct fit for your Kick Plate should be 2" shorter than the width of your door. That way it clears your door trim and any weatherstripping. If your Door is 36" wide the correct size to order is a 34" long kickplate. Same for the height, leave yourself some framework.

Q. Are the Countersunk Holes a Flush Mount?

A. Yes, all of our Countersunk Holes are Precisely Machined to fit the Stainless Steel Flat Head Screws we supply with Orders.

Q. Is the magnetic backing something that sticks well, does it work for exterior applicationsĀ and how is it constructed?

A. Our magnetic backed Stainless Door Plates sticks like glue, yet can be removed instantly (see our video link). It is designed for interior and exterior applications. The entire surface on the backside of the Stainless Steel is coated with the magnetic coating in our shop.

Q. Is the 3M two sided adhesive tape suitable for interior and exterior applications and is it factory applied?

A. Yes, all of our attachments and door plates are for interior or exterior applications.

Q. What are the edges of the Door Plates like?

A. Every edge is Safety tested. Our Door Plates are fully deburred smooth as a Standard. An additional low cost upgrade is a Beveled edge.

Q. Are the Beveled edges worth it, does it add any aesthetic value?

A. Yes it is well worth it as the beauty of the shiny 45 degree bevel against the #4 Polished surface of door plates is a top of line look.

Q. How do we ensure that the material arrives undamaged to customer?

A. All of our packaging and crating is engineered and built to arrive intact without product damage. Additionally all of our Material Ships with a Protective Vinyl that is removed after installation

High Quality Stainless Steel Kick Plates